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The Feszty panorama – tourist attraction since 1894

Hungarian painter Árpád Feszty decided to paint a panorama in 1891. To create the massive artwork that depicts a wide, all-encompassing view of the arrival of the Hungarians into the Carpathian basin, Feszty enlisted over a dozen artists, traveled to the site, and sketched the scenes. They completed the work between 1893 and 1894.

As noted earlier, "The Arrival of the Hungarians" was among the most visited and popular attractions at the Budapest World\'s Fair in 1896, and was also introduced at the Greater Britain Exhibition in 1899. Upon its return to Budapest in 1909, it was placed in a temporary wooden building, which was hit by a bomb in 1944. The painting was severly damaged, and the remaining pieces were first cut into strips and stored on wooden rolls, and later they were handed over to the National Gallery.

In 1970 a governmental decree was issued about the construction of a Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer. It was around this time that the idea arose to restore and display the panorama painting. Restored between 1991 and 1995 by Polish artists, the Feszty panorama attracted some 3 million 250 thousand visitors between 1995 and 2005, and was closed briefly in December 2009.

Following the Rotunda development project, plus restoration, maintenance, and cleaning, the panorama reopened to the public in April 2010. The core of the Rotunda exhibits takes up two levels of view, now with 2 costumed warriors added to the faux terrain leading up to the 15 m high and 120 m long (590 in × 4,700 in) circular painting to complete a 3D effect. A new, glass tiled path over the diorama, and modern light and sound technology complete the experience. The 4 millionth visitor of the Feszty panorama is expected in summer 2010.

Wellness Guesthouse

Our rooms and apartments provide accommodation for all needs, situated in a peaceful serene environment, neighboring a beautiful forest.

The Wellness Guesthouse welcomes guests seeking leisure and relaxation, providing an outdoor pool, a sauna, and wooden hot tub. 

Family Guesthouse

 We have invested considerable effort in developing family- and pet-friendly accommodations, an outdoor environment with a spacious yard and garden area, perfect for outdoor cooking, and for sports and recreation activities – with a huge playground nearby, to offer active relaxation for the whole family. Our accommodations provide a perfect venue for family vacations, trips with friends, as well as business- and company events.