Please feel free to browse through our wide range of programs, a few of we’ve described in greater detail below:

We’re confident that our beautiful surroundings, diverse set of programs, vast activities and enriching adventures will contribute to a memorable experience and invigorating visit.


We are confident that the wellness area will provide an unforgettable experience for all ages. Our guest house wellness services are as follows:

  •  Sauna with shower and a small community playground

  • Heatable wooden tub, so winter is an excellent venue for great conversations, or to sit with a good wine and watch the starry sky

  • In summer, the outdoor pool is cooling off, it is surrounded by sunbath part which is designed to let the guests have a rest.

Take part of a typical rural program during the weekdays together with your family, friends, colleagues, have fun and learn more about our history!



The National Historical Park in Ópusztaszer is a monument of determinative tradition in Hungarian history. It’s located in a beautiful, natural environment surrounded by exhibits not only substantial in summer months, but enjoyable in the winter and year-round as well...


  • The Feszty-panorama, a monumental attraction entitled “Arrival of the Hungarians”, an exhibition of the historical event presented in a panoramic 3D painting with sound effects.

  • Regular exhibitions, showrooms, organized attractions

  • The Skansen, which is a live Open Air Museum – a collection of exhibits presenting Hungarian village life, elements from organic architecture movement, with characteristics of traditional design and décor that were typical of the Southern Great Plains region in the early 20th Century

  • The training center at Puszta Háza holds traditional values, organic economic activities and provides contextual experiences for those wishing to relay here;

  • In strolling about the Monastery, and walking about Szatócsbolt, visitors will gain a sense of traditional tastes and entertainment,

  • Visitors will find a vast variety of souvenirs and gifts to take home